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Where words rule.


Intellectual Property Claim

The contents of this site, all postings and any attachments, are proprietary of RP World Group, LLC. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or dissemination is strictly prohibited and violates copyright law. Offenders will be prosecuted.

Admins & Mods

  1. Who's in charge of what?

    Lady Isis is top dog and that will N-E-V-E-R change. For a current listing of all site staff, please click here.

Rules and Requirements

  1. What happens if I break a rule or requirement?

    The first time, you will receive a warning from a moderator or administrator. If it's really bad, you won't hear from Lady Isis - she'll just delete you.

    The second time, if it's the same offense, you will be removed from the website.

  2. Can I contact Interactive Characters (ICs) by PM?

    No - Not even to say good morning. That will get you one warning and immediate deletion if you do it again, even if to say sorry.

    This is not a social network. You may only communicate with the ICs via the comment/discussion section of the forum, their profile page, the group chat, or the Contact Us form. The only exception to this rule applies to the staff members (ADMINS, MODS, MONS, and Lady Isis).

  3. Can anyone Character Play?

    No - Only registered Interactive Characters (ICs) may character play and/or storytell on this site. Non-ICs cannot post in SL sections. There is a specific discussion/comment section set up in the forum for everyone to post comments/discussions on the SLs.

    If your membership type doesn't say MEMBER you are not a registered IC. Even if you apply and get approval, you will not be able to post until your status has been changed. Contact Lady Isis if it isn't done within 24 hours.

    See the section below on applying for IC status. You do not need to have prior experience.

New Members

  1. As a new member, what's expected of me?

    Respect toward ALL fellow members.


    Navigate the site to become familiar with each area, especially the Storyteller Forum so you don’t miss out.

    While we ask that each site member (Limited Member and Member alike) upload a profile picture as soon as they can, all site members are required to have a profile picture in place within 2 weeks of their membership date. However, please refrain from using:
  • nude/partially nude photos (no exposed breast, butts, or private parts),
  • duplicate photos of existing members (i.e., it can’t be the same person/character in a different pose, clothing, setting, etc.), and
  • copyrighted photos (e.g., no BDB, OMB, etc., photos of any kind).

    All potential Interative Characters (ICs) are urged to complete their ‘About Me’ section to facilitate character play amongst each other. Non-ICs are more than welcome, and encouraged, to do the same if they so desire.

Story lines

  1. Where can I read the SLs?

    Story lines can be found on the Storytellers Forum page under the 'Worlds Storylines' categorized under several sections. Just check for the genre you want to read about. Also check out the Group section, Hall of Isis, and Meeting Places for more banter-filled character play.

Storyteller Registration

  1. How do I become a registered Storyteller here?

    Go to Storyteller Registration. Read it in its entirety and follow the instructions.

    Note: First time storyteller registrations can be submitted through our Facebook registrar account or through our registration email.

    If you are already a registered Interactive Character and wish to add a new character, email the new character name(s) and corresponding email address directly to one of the site administrators, or submit the information via our registration email. You must wait until the status of the character has changed to MEMBER before you post.

  2. How will I know if my registration is accepted?

    You will receive an acceptance email from us along with our official seals and banner.

  3. How long will it take?

    Anywhere from five minutes to five days.

  4. Can I still be a member even if I'm not an interactive character (IC)?

    Yes. You can be a member without being a storyteller (IC), but all ICs are also members of the site.

  5. Do I need to be a member of the site in order to be an interactive character (IC)?

    Yes. You must be a member of the site in order to register as an interactive character.

  6. If my request to be an interactive character (IC) is not accepted can I still be a member?

    Yes, unless you give us reason to remove you from the website.

  7. Will I be notified if my registration is not approved?

    Yes. You will receive an email with a reason for not being approved. However, you can continue being a member if you are not approved.

Member Levels

  1. What's the difference between a 'limited member' and a 'member'?

    Typically, ‘Limited Members’ can only comment whereas ‘Members’ can comment and post. On this website, ‘Members’ are the Interactive Characters/Storytellers.