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Where words rule.


Contains general description of site and age requirements.

Our Terms of Use can also be accessed by hovering over the 'Home' link, or from the URL below:


All inclusive listing of Site Members. Default view displays member photo, name, status (Limited Member, Member, location)

RPW Line Up

Show cases some of our current story lines, and provides a quick look at some the existing groups and write up of each. Once on the page you can access groups by clicking on the respective photo. 


This is where all the magic happens ! Our Storyteller Forum is the place where the Storytellers post their SLs and Readers can post their comments. Stories are broken down by genre (Vampires, Shapeshifters, Demons & Angels, etc.).

This page also houses our Staff Info, Important Updates and News, Meeting Places, Poetry and Archives.


For anyone wishing to become a RPW Official Storyteller, this page contains all the information required to initiate the process.


This is the page to visit if you are looking for a specific character to fill a role in your SL, or a sanctioned Interactive Character (IC) looking to play within a SL.


If you would like to see more of your FAVORITE storyteller or group, then you will enjoy this page !


Our video gallery is often used to post a theme from a SL or one of our many open events (Happy Hour, Movie Night, etc.). While members can not upload to the Gallery themselves, moderators and / or admins will gladly post videos upon member requests.


Our Links page offers a wide variety of links to Group pages, Authors, Publishers, etc.

Simply click on the respective photo to access the desired site.


For general site information, please visit this page. If you have a question that is not listed, feel free to contact any of the moderators or administrators for assistance. They are here to help you !

Our 'Contact Us' form can also be accessed by hovering over 'FAQ' link or from the URL below:


Our Blogspot can be accessed from the page.


For up and coming authors, this page offers a Critique section.


For those serious writers who are looking for industry contacts, this page contains excerpts from industry chats with renowned authors and leading publishing houses.

NOTE: Only those members with 'Member' status can access this page.

RPW e-Book Store

Access both downloadable and 'read now' e books from this page.

RP World Writers

This page serves as a collaboration hub and is solely accessible by those site members working on submissions (anthologies / solo) for publishing houses.

Simple Tree

Featured Line

'I do not like to repeat myself.'

Lady Isis