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Where words rule.

Storyteller Registration

If you wish to participate in this world as an interactive character, you need to register. For your convenience, you can either register through our Registration email or through our Facebook site. 

Regardless of which option you choose, you will need to agree to our terms (disclosed below) in order to play. Otherwise, you are welcome to remain a site member free to read and comment on the story lines and interact in that context with the story tellers, but you may not play with the registered interactive characters or the members. RP refers to role player, SL refers to story line, IC refers to interactive character, and website refers to RP World Group.


I am already a member and agree to the following terms and conditions for use of the RP World Group website as an Interactive Character.

  • My character and any SL I submit is my original work or work in conjunction with another registered RP of this site. This character does not appear in any copyrighted work.

  • I will provide an original character for interactive play. I will describe the nature of this character to the best of my ability. I may indicate that this character is copyright protected on my profile page and on my SLs by me, the author of the work. (You do not have to give a name, just say that it's copyrighted work by you).

  • Once a character name is registered, the identical name or phonic spelling or additions to it will not be allowed. For example, once Cindy Jones is registered, Cindy Jones, Cindi Jones, and Cindy Jones Patters will not be allowed.

  • I will abide by the decisions of the site administrators, moderators, and the owner. Their word is law here.

  • My SL can consist of anything my mind can conceive with the following exceptions: Bestiality (except in the context of shape-shifters and only if both parties are in same state, vampires exempt), pedophilia (not only will it not be tolerated, but we will ensure you get a visit from your local law enforcement), rape, incest, golden showers, or any conduct that the administrators or owner find offensive or demeaning to any person.

  • Story lines (SL) created by more than one person will be considered jointly owned unless otherwise indicated in writing. People who enter an active or ongoing SL or an SL created by another person have no ownership rights in any part of that SL. No part of their contribution to said SL will be deleted upon leaving. The characters are owned by the creator, regardless of who writes the character, unless otherwise indicated in writing. All characters are part of the SL for purposes of said SL, but upon the author leaving, for purposes of continuing an ongoing SL, the character will be written out of the SL by the remaining character(s) so the integrity of the SL will not be affected. Once the character is effectively written out of the SL, no future reference will be made to that character's name.

  • All original SLs owned by the author character will be deleted from this website. RP World will not save it, so if you want your work, save it yourself. The exception to this is any work posted as part of a continuing SL that you do not own.

  • Jointly owned work will be considered on a case-by-case basis. If all parties agree to the continuation of the SL in writing, it will remain on this website. If one party disagrees, it will all be deleted.

  • I will treat everyone with respect and courtesy. Respect each other’s characters as well as the author behind said character. If you wouldn't say it to your mother or your best friend's mother, then do not say it here. Unless it is in the context of an SL.

  • Keep the drama for the SL. This is a fantasy world - a creation of powerful and talented minds. Keep the emotion for the SL; do not transfer it to the author behind the story. Do not get proprietary with your playmates outside of the SL. This is not a hook up service.

  • If you're just here to have cybersex, close this browser window now and try a porn site.

  • By submitting my application, I certify that I have read all of the above rules and regulations governing my use of the site, my story line(s), and my character(s) and character play. I agree to abide by the rules as well as all decisions of the site owner and administrators.

  • You can register multiple characters. To add characters, simply contact one of the site administrators or send an email to: Registration.

  • Verification: To protect your privacy, you can send a message to our Facebook site consisting of a small writing sample in the nature of a biography of your character and the character's name. If that name is already a registered interactive character, we will ask you to choose another one. You will not be allowed to character play or submit an SL until this application has been submitted and approved. 

Contact us with any questions at: Contact Us.

PLEASE NOTE: You will receive an acceptance or rejection PM from us shortly. If your application to change your status to an interactive character is rejected, we thank you for thinking of us, and we hope that you decide to remain a site member.

Intellectual Property Claim

The contents of this site, all postings and any attachments, are proprietary of RP World Group, LLC. Any unauthorized use, reproduction, or dissemination is strictly prohibited and violates copyright law. Offenders will be prosecuted.

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