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Where words rule.

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Approved Testimonials

Excellent suggestions Rian. We actually have had parties like you're describing in the past and will again where it's a general theme and everyone can come in and post. There are also 3 sections where members can interact with the ICs. The Bar can be used at anytime for a posting. It's just reserved for HH on Sun from 4-6pm EST unless otherwise noted. The other 2 areas for general posting would be The Mall and The Garden. Just do a set up post and anyone can join you. For example you're at the Mall in the gun store and talking to a clerk. Or you're in The Mall at a restaurant and it gets robbed. Like the weekly thread idea.

Lady Isis

High Sorceress

Okay, here goes: A thread which is a list of everything posted in the last week, since if something isn't in the "recent forum section" it is usually overlooked. More capabilities to interact with the other writers and characters would be nice, the happy hour alone doesn't really cut it. Perhaps more special events? ex: Halloween event where everyone writes a horror story, valentine event where there's a ball or something where everyone can interect with each other, carnival event masked ball, .....


Its-a me, Elderrion!